Summer Montreal Festivals Worth Looking Forward to in 2021

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Summer Montreal Festivals Worth Looking Forward to in 2021

Due to this year’s global health crisis, a lot of huge gatherings in Montreal have been canceled.  And that is quite understandable.  However, according to Peter Triassi, a Montreal resident, that shouldn’t deter people from planning their trip to his majestic city for future events.

On that note, here are some of the grandest, most fun events people can surely look forward to in 2021 in the Canadian city of Montreal.

Montreal en Lumiere

From Feb. 18 to 28, 2021, the Quartier des spectacles will be home to one of the most epic winter festivals in the world.  The area will be alight and abuzz with countless activities that will surely thrill every visitor, regardless the age.  There will be a circuit of interactive and luminous art, a neon-lighted Ferris wheel, zip line, urban slide, zip line, and food kiosks. 

The festival is so huge that it takes over three districts, and visitors will need to take shuttles to move from one district to another.  Peter Triassi explains that throughout the festival, the Metro stays open the entire night.

Montreal Jazz Festival

Arguably, the most well-known music festival is the Montreal Jazz Festival or Montreal Jazz Fest.  The fest is located in Quartier des spectacles and lasts for hours. 

Next, the Montreal Jazz Fest will be featuring hundreds of musicians and artists showcasing their talent.  But the real icing on this cake is that more than half of the shows are free of charge. 

Peter Triassi suggests that interested parties acquire a Jazz Passport Package for access to three of the festival’s most entertaining venues: L’Astral, Club Soda, and MTelus.  The Jazz Passport Package also includes accommodation for three nights, free breakfasts, a fun pack, and even a guided tour around the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Montreal Food Trucks Festival

From music to food, the Montreal Food Trucks Festival is Peter Triassi’s next highly recommended event.  The fest happens in the Montreal Olympic Park on the first Friday of the month from June to October, from 4 PM to 11 PM.

Aside from all the food people can imagine, there are also live musical performances, DJs, fun activities, and more.  Alcoholic beverages are also available during the festival.

Montreal Completement Cirque

For ten days in July 2021, people can enjoy the Montreal Completement Cirque, which has some of the most breathtaking circus acts performing all over the Quartier des spectacles.  During the 10-day event, venues, parks, sidewalks, and streets become places where world-class acts perform. 

Performances range from magic to high-wire and everything in between.  Peter Triassi mentions that some shows even allow spectators to participate.

Peter Triassi of Montreal, loves sharing information about his hometown.  Learn more about his city by checking out this blog.