Notre-Dame Basilica

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Montreal’s Exemplary Landmark

Peter Triassi, a Montreal resident, is proud to present the beautiful historic landmarks in his city.  Constructed in 1824 and consecrated in 1829, the Notre-Dame Basilica remains to be the largest church in North America.  Its structure can welcome up to 10,000 worshipers and is the first Gothic Revival Style church in Canada.

One of the wonderful things worth noting about the Notre-Dame Basilica is that it brings together arts and religion.  Through the years, it has also become a significant part of culture and society.  With the basilica renovated and new features added, its aesthetic value continues to be seen by all its visitors. Peter Triassi of Montreal says that the Notre-Dame Basilica is not just awe-inspiring because of its heritage that shows the various cultures that shaped Quebec. 

Even for locals like him who have visited the site more than once, its interior and exterior design that has stood the test of time evokes an enchanting aura that will leave one amazed.  While the Notre-Dame Basilica is larger than the usual Catholic church structure, Peter Triassi of Montreal notes that it is surprising how a gathering can feel intimate even if the basilica can accommodate thousands of people. 

What was known before as the Notre-Dame Church became a significant part of Old Montreal.  But in 1982, the late Pope John Paul II elevated the church to the rank of a Minor Basilica with regard to the heritage of Quebec.  The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada has recognized it as a place of national historic significance since 1989. Commemorative events and festivities are also held in the basilica as well as concerts and exhibitions.  Montreal resident Peter Triassi shares that as the Basilica continues to serve its purpose being a place of worship, it has also become a place to witness the beautiful culture and artistry of the city.  Over a hundred baptisms and weddings are held in the basilica every year. 

The Notre-Dame Basilica is also known for having amazing acoustics.  This made the site an ideal venue for performances by world-renowned artists.  The Montreal Symphony Orchestra and tenor Luciano Pavarotti have held concerts in the heritage site.  It is also the official venue of the International Organ Festival at Notre-Dame of Montreal. 

The Notre-Dame Basilica is a must-see when visiting Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second-largest French-speaking city.  As a historic and religious landmark, the place is valuable for locals.  Witnessing its splendid visuals in person will surely make one’s trip more memorable.