Montreal for Art Lovers

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Montreal for Art Lovers

Peter Triassi, a Montreal resident, will feature the best places in his city on this page.  Born and raised in Quebec’s largest city, he knows the place like the back of his hand.  According to Peter, there’s something for everyone in Canada’s City of Saints.  From historic sites to green areas to urban wonders, visitors will find their special place in Montreal.  This blog will feature four must-see places for art lovers.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Spending a day museum-hopping in the city is possible, according to Peter Triassi of Montreal. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the city’s top museum featuring thousands of works and multiple exhibitions.  The museum also has a wide collection that covers different disciplines such as music, fashion, design, and film. 

Café des Arts / Galerie MAM

This cafe is a great way to unwind after a day of exploring, says Peter Triassi, Montreal local.  Café des Arts offers artisanal and fair-trade Colombian coffee along with smoothies, pastries, meals, and other local treats.  Located at the Old Port of Montreal, this space doubles as a gallery that showcases the work of Canadian artists, introducing them to visitors to the cafe. 

Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal

This museum has been featuring the best international contemporary art since the ’60s.  Aside from its diverse exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork, the museum is also a place where social events are held.  According to Peter Triassi, Montreal resident, the museum occasionally hosts Nocturne events, where the doors are opened past midnight and feature musicians, artists, and other performers. 

Old Montreal

Exploring Old Montreal reminds a person of Parisian streets.  With antique shops, restaurants, cafés, and structures from the 1700’s, visitors will get a feel of the classical architecture that the city was able to preserve.  Walking down the streets will surely be an interesting time, especially for those who are into architecture and design.

Montreal is a UNESCO Creative City of Design.  This designation supports the city in its efforts to create a suitable environment for artists from different fields.  Aside from being an excellent place for creative minds, it is also a great place for those who want to discover excellent art from different generations. 

Peter Triassi of Montreal encourages people to visit his home city to see its wonderful historical, natural, and modern landmarks.  Follow this page for interesting reads about the Canadian city.