A Local’s Guide to Famous Eats in Montreal

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A Local’s Guide to Famous Eats in Montreal

Peter Triassi, a native of Montreal, says that his city is a must-see destination not only because of the historical landmarks, but because of the food.  For travelers who are looking forward to a culinary adventure, the largest city in Quebec promises lots of treats that foodies will enjoy.  World-renowned chefs and food critics travel to the city to visit famous dining spots.  Peter Triassi from Montreal lists down the most popular eats that visitors must try. 

Fairmount Bagel

Bagels are a favorite in Montreal.  With very few bagel places in the city, most locals pledge their allegiance to Fairmount Bagel. The iconic place in Mile End was established in 1919 and has been there ever since.  Formed by hand, soaked in honey water, and baked in a wooden oven, locals believe that the bagels from Fairmount are better for their sweeter taste. 

Dic Ann’s Burger

Montreal fast-food chain Dic Ann’s can be found all over the city.  Its burgers are different from others as the bun and patties are thin.  But what makes the burgers special is the spicy meat sauce that will leave one wanting more.  Peter Triassi of Montreal encourages first-time visitors to his city to try the unforgettable burgers at Dic Ann’s. 

Schwartz’s Deli Smoked Meat Sandwich

The deli has turned into an unexpected tourist destination.  Drawing customers even during winter, the Jewish deli has proven that it makes the best sandwiches in the city.  With generous servings of tender meat on rye bread slathered with mustard, it will be an unforgettable meal. Peter Triassi, a Montreal foodie, says that the sandwich is an excellent way to cap off a day after a day of touring the city.

Gibeau Orange Julep’s Orange Juice, Poutine, and Burgers

The orange-shaped restaurant has become some sort of a landmark in Montreal.  While they are known for serving their memorable orange julep, foodies have also enjoyed their poutine and burgers.  Matching this comfort food pairing with the milky and citrusy drink will surely be a treat.

Aside from these famous eateries, Peter Triassi also suggests visiting famous public markets and trying the various street food spots in the city to try different treats made fresh by local vendors.  But for those who want to bring home the Montreal foodie goodness, some classic Montreal-produced maple syrup will be a treat for those who love some pancakes or French toast for breakfast. 

Peter Triassi, a Montreal native, wants to share the beauty of his home town with the rest of the world. Living in the City of Saints, his goal is to share valuable information and awe-inspiring photos that will make travelers from all the world want to visit his beloved city.  Follow his updates here.